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Enquire Licensed and Insured Electricians Serving Gauteng Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

We are registered with: (Click to Download)

Electrical Contracting Board “ECB”  “No: 8716”

Electrical Contractors Association “ECA”

Workman’s Compensation Fund


Explicit Electrical also has Ten Million Rand public liability insurance with AC & E Underwriting Management CC to cover those unforeseen accidents, up-to-date we didn’t have any of those unforeseen accidents.

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Circuits and Testing

Explicit Electrical Industrial Sector
Your Industrial Electrical Specialists

At Explicit Electrical, we work as Independent Industrial Electricians

As an Industrial Electrical Service provider, we can install, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repair all your industrial electrical equipment.

We also do U.P.S. and Generator installations for your Industrial needs.

All work done by Professional Qualified and Registered Installation Electricians.

Repairing, Maintaining, Connecting and testing all electrical fixtures, apparatus, control equipment and wiring in just about every kind of residential building

Our Commercial Electrical Services includes the Planning, designing and building of commercial electrical systems for the Commercial Sector.